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Confidential Consultation


Confidential Consultation

Corporate Events

A Unique Team Building Opportunity For Corporations In The Twin Cities Region

Corporate groups are always on the lookout for new team-building and training opportunities. At Four Directions Behavior Health, we believe the Eagala method of equine-assisted therapy offers a unique way for your team to learn and grow stronger together.

We offer team sessions to corporations that follow a two-step process:

  • An equine-assisted growth and learning session
  • A follow-up session to share findings and create and implementation strategy

After the initial session we take time to work through our observations and provide a comprehensive presentation of what we discovered during the session. At a second session with your team we will share our findings and facilitate a group discussion to help them voice what they learned from the activities.

That “soak” time in between sessions is a crucial part of the process. It is human nature to want answers right away, but we have found that people often make profound discoveries during that soak time, “later that night I realized why I reacted that way.” 

SPUD's: An Important Part of The Growth & Learning Process For Corporate Groups

We believe that team members have the answers within themselves, and we use the following framework to guide our observations during group growth and learning sessions:

  • S: Shifts
  • P: Patterns
  • U: Unique events
  • D: Discrepancies
  • ‘s: Our stuff (self-awareness)

A seemingly simple action such as a horse lying down or a person leaning against a fence while talking can have very deep meanings. SPUD’s are about using the principles of equine-assisted therapy to find the answers and then empower your team to put turn those answers into actions.

Make The Eagala Method Work For Your Team
Contact us today to set up your corporate event. We look forward to working with your team.

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